New mobile app to report European Wasps as season begins

ewasp app

Released 08/11/2018

With European Wasp (eWasp) queens coming out of hibernation and establishing nests, a new and improved mobile app and website has been released to assist residents when reporting nests and sightings.

The updated app has an easy-to-use GPS mapping tool that allows the user to report an eWasp nest or sighting by dropping a pin on the location. It also provides access to camera capability when reporting nests, identifying insects, arachnids and more.

Transport Canberra and City Services’ wasp specialists, CoreEnviro Solutions says last year was a busy season.

“During 2017-18, a total of 1,052 confirmed eWasp nests were treated in Canberra,” CoreEnviro Solutions Senior Pest and Weed Officer Jim Bariesheff said.

“There were 131 wasp stinging incidents reported of which 99 were eWasps. With another dry and warm winter now over, we may experience another busy wasp season,” Mr Bariesheff said.

If residents come across individual wasps, they are encouraged to treat them with a registered insecticide. It is recommended that established nests are treated by a qualified pest controller to avoid any possible stinging incidents and to ensure the nest is properly controlled.

“European wasp nests are often hidden, the most common nesting sites in wall cavities, a hole in the ground, roofs and even in conifer trees,” Mr Bariesheff said.

“When a eWasp queen makes her nest in one of these locations, a steady stream of wasps will be seen leaving and returning to the nest as the day warms up. If a nest is disturbed, they can become aggressive in protecting the nest and may sting.

“If stung, a cold pack may be used to relieve the pain. If there is evidence of a more severe reaction or the victim is known to be allergic to wasp and bee venom, medical attention should be sought immediately,” Mr Bariesheff said.

To report a eWasp queen or nest, please contact the European Wasp Hotline on 6258 5551, or use the new app. Upon opening the eWasp app, users will see a main menu with a list of options to select from. Once a report is submitted, the report is sent to the eWasp team to action. More information can be found at

Note: If you have an old version of the eWasp App downloaded, prior to 16 July 2018, you will need to uninstall and download the new app, available at both the App and Play stores.

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