Why should you research before getting a website?

Read some of our tips that gives you an excellent overview of why Local Web Design is ideal for your business

There is no doubt that a lot of people are mislead with the false advertising almost everyday. Some companies are overpriced and some only offer limited functionalities especially the website builder’s or some of the freelance web designers and developers. In this article, you can see the pros and cons of choosing a local business, a website builder and outsourcing web development. We have conducted an extensive research that can help you with your decision making.

Advantages of using local web design businesses

– You can contact your designer or developer over the phone during their business hours.
– You can go and see them in person or perhaps they can come to you.
– You can email them during the day and most likely you will receive a feedback on the same day.
– It is not always the cheapest but in the long run, it does become one of the most affordable option.
– Affordable prices and services.

Disadvantages of using of local web design businesses

– After completing the given project, they may stop communicating.
– They may charge enormous amount of money to maintain your website.
– Provide a dodgy or incomplete work.
– Give out false promises.

Advantages of outsourcing your website to a web design business overseas

– It can be one of the cheapest options.
– The designer or/and developer can have more experience compared to locals of your country.
– They could assist you 24/7.
– Low costs for updating your website.

Disadvantages of outsourcing your website to a web design business overseas

– You can get scammed or provided dodgy or incomplete work.
– Often, you cannot have the opportunity to see your designer or/and developer in person.
– They can run away with the money that you have payed them.
– You can be charged extra after the initial payment.
– They can just disappear any time they like.
(A client reported that they have been charged $300 NZD per update on their website.)

Advantages of using website builders

 It is very cheap and ideal for small websites.
– It has a low monthly cost.
– It is a DIY (Do it yourself) website which means you can build a website without needing anyone else.
– It doesn’t require programming knowledge and some support is provided for those who need it.

Disadvantages of using website builders

You do not own anything that you see on your website. This means that, if your provider decides to change, shut down your website whether its a mistake or not, they have the permission to do so.
– The same stock themes (templates) provided to you are also used by other people.
– You can only do certain changes to your website due to the lack of restrictions set by your host provider.
– Some website builders are not SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) friendly. This means that your website can be ranked lower compared to your competitors in some of the biggest search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.
– You pay more money in the long term because you have a monthly fee that you need to pay excluding the cost for your domain address and web hosting.
– You cannot have new features implemented in the future because the rules are set by the company that provides the services.

So…what should I do? What is the best option for me?

You should think over carefully about your short and long term goals for your business or personal website. Perhaps you could consider some of the the tips below to help you.

  • Should I just go with a website builder because I don’t need a custom website or an attractive website?
  • Do I have limited budget?
  • Is it worth paying a company that charges overprice just so that my website would look good?
  • Will a digital agency bring me more customers since I am paying them more money?
  • Should I go with a small local business so that it is cheaper to get a website developed?
  • Do I need an update on my website? If so, how much would they charge me per update?
  • Do I need SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for my website?
  • Do I want a basic website or something that can be customised for my needs?


“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” –Benjamin Franklin