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Canberrans urged to report European wasp sightings as hibernation draws to an end

  Jim Bariesheff from CoreEnviro Solutions holding a nest found in a roof void at Gordon last season. Photos: Supplied. By Lachlan Roberts 9 November 2018 As the weather warms up, European wasp queens are starting to come out of hibernation as the aggressive stinging insects start to establish new nests for the summer months.
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New mobile app to report European Wasps as season begins

Released 08/11/2018 With European Wasp (eWasp) queens coming out of hibernation and establishing nests, a new and improved mobile app and website has been released to assist residents when reporting nests and sightings. The updated app has an easy-to-use GPS mapping tool that allows the user to report an eWasp nest or sighting by dropping a pin on the location. It also provides access to camera capability when reporting nests, identifying insects, arachnids and more.
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Android Animation Examples

Ever wondered how to do animations in your android app? In this tutorial I will show you how to do basic and custom animations such as Fade in, Fade out, Rotate and multi animations simultaneously. You may use to some of these animations in your apps to enhance your apps user experience. People love using apps with interactivity!! Language: Java Software: Android Studio 3.1 Classes: MainActivity.java,  activity_main.xml, fadein.xml, fadeout.xml, rotate.
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Android WebView example – tel, mailto, pdf and check internet connection

In this tutorial, we will develop an android application using Webview to load a web page. As a part of this tutorial, I will show you how you can detect telephone links “tel:”, email links “mailto”, load PDF files and also check for internet connection. I’ve also used a progress bar to determine whether web page is fully loaded. Language: Java Software: Android Studio 3.
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iOS Swift 4 WKWebview – Detect tel, mailto, target=”_blank” and CheckConnection

In this tutorial, we will show you how to develop a Webview  iOS application that can detect telephone links (tel:), email links (mailto:), handle new tab (target=”_blank”) and check for internet connection using WKWebView. As an additional features, I’ve used interactive page title and activity loader (preloader). Please note, this code only works on real devices.  Language: Swift 4 Software: Xcode 9.
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Should I Build an App or a Website?

Should I Build an App or a Website? This is a common question when discussing a new digital design project, especially in the aftermath of a Pokémon Augmented Reality (AR) app frenzy. However, whilst app development may be the newer kid on the block it’s not a replacement for your website. Both web and
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Why your website needs a facelift in 2018

It’s 2018 and despite the number of mobile apps, social media channels and even the emergence of blockchain, a company website is still the main way to truly carve out your presence online and get new business through the door.
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Mastering the Art of SEO

Mastering the Art of SEO Like snake-oil sales people of generations past, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) specialists often claim that they, and they alone, have the inside knowledge on how Google’s algorithm works and that they can guarantee you, and no one else, top spot on Google’s search results promising an endless of traffic from now until eternity.
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We are Printing by Tank – Design Print Canberra

Our story and objective: With over 10 years design and print experience in Canberra our goal is to supply quick and affordable graphic design and print solutions. Gungahlin based, at Printing by Tank – Design Print Canberra our objective is to be available to you and provide a personalised tailored service that delivers exactly what you are looking for.
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