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Elizabeth Ficken

The resin I use is created by using a two- part system of mixing equal parts of hardener and resin together. Over several hours and depending on temperature this liquid material hardens and a glass like surface appears. I create different forms and shapes using a variety of molds, where the resin sets in, along with the plant material for that specific work.

Using white paper clay has a soft, malleable texture. It is an ideal clay for hand building and allows me to mold the material with great flexibility. The paper particles within the clay creates a strength and resilience, that is also lightweight.

Working with a specific tool, condensed pockets are created as an essential detail on the surface of the clay. This texture embodies a type of metaphor related to coral like features, which is relevant to my ideas. Firing the clay allows me to keep the white colour as part of the work, in reference to bleaching, but also by using brush on underglazes (a type of paint), I aim to express the colourful world of coral.

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