The Holistic Naturopath

I’m Michelle and I am a qualified naturopath and aromatherapist, with an avid interest in the Eastern healing systems, including Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), qigong and chi nei tsang.

I have also studied kinesiology and pranic healing (an energetic healing technique).

I like to weave the TCM understanding of pathology and disease manifestation with the Western approach of diagnosis and treatment. This gives me greater depth of insight and understanding. It is a blending of the scientific, evidence based approach of Western naturopathy with the age old traditional healing systems of the East.

I have been an accredited member of the National Herbalist Association of Australia since 2012.

I take a holistic approach to treatment, which helps you address specific health issues and achieve optimal health. I have worked successfully with a range of conditions from digestive, immune, hormonal through to anxiety, depression and insomnia.

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Belconnen, ACT

The Holistic Naturopath