Moonlight Flat Oysters

Moonlight Flat Oysters

Direct from its farm in 1998 Moonlight Co introduced oysters to the Bistro market , of the quality we would wish to be served ourselves. Handled only by hands. Marketed direct by farmers with dirt under the fingernails. Benchmarks drawn on long experience in Japan & France. Big and bulk is not our thing. Manageable quantities ensured QC standards which built the reputation. Big is not Best.

We remain unapologetic for bringing a disruptive approach to the travesty of pre-shuck tap-rinse and even frozen oysters. Unbelievable that some still “ just don’t get it”.

We brought more disruption in 1999 introducing trademarked brands, price positioned well above the generic bulk bag trade, lifting price levels enjoyed by wider industry today. This broke through the image of “poor man’s food” to luxury quality with prices to match. The trade off was, we stood behind the quality of our brands, brands which meant something.

No surprises that our reputation grew rapidly via word of mouth. Today our brands and client peer group reflect a mature business, a leading track record, built on our “whole of product” oyster experience, complete with our multi award, exclusive matched wine. Our oldest weekly supply partnership reached 21 years. All without government subsidies.

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Batemans Bay, New South Wales

Moonlight Flat Oysters