Elena Forato


I am an accredited marriage celebrant with an open sensitive communication style and bring extensive interpersonal skills to my celebrant’s role. My couples and other clients recognise me for being a warm and engaging professional who willingly strives to meet their needs.

I believe that occasions marking significant moments in our lives should be celebrated in ways that are tailored to our own personal circumstances, wishes and values. Importantly, I listen attentively to your requirements, and offer suitable suggestions along the way as I design your ceremony. The result will be the conduct of an engaging, warm, enjoyable and memorable ceremony overall.

Drawing on my broad range of work, life experiences, and people skills, I can reliably provide a suitably personalised and respectful ceremony service in a wide range of diverse settings and circumstances. I proudly represent and embrace the special characteristics of our multicultural Australia.

My professional background includes some two decades working at senior levels in the public sector; and more recently, as a career coach and professional trainer. I am also an active community contributor and have in recent years been working as a volunteer educator at universities in Vietnam.

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Kingston, ACT

Ceremonies by Elena