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Acuity Counselling and Psychotherapy

Angela’s therapeutic style is to let her comprehensive training and experience “sit behind her” as she counsels people. This allows her skills and knowledge to inform the way the therapeutic relationship develops, without getting in the way by imposing a framework. Research suggests that a good counselling relationship, based on collaboration, contributes more than any other element to success in therapy.

Angela has done counselling and psychotherapy with adult clients across the lifespan since 2005. She has extensive experience in private practice and has also worked as a clinician for Lifeline, Mission Australia, and CatholicCare. These jobs have broadened her experience to include people with more complex and severe problems. Angela was born into a migrant family and especially enjoys working with culturally diverse clients. She also has a special interest in anxiety disorders and trauma. Angela is committed to getting the word out about how successfully these distressing conditions can be treated, using therapies that have been developed and tested over the past few decades.

Angela uses empirically supported CBT protocols to treat severe anxiety caused by panic disorder, social phobia, agoraphobia and OCD. Structured approaches should not be “robotic”. Instead, they are tailored in unique ways to suit each individual client.

Angela’s assessment and formulation skills are excellent and in the first session she will work hard to get an understanding of your needs and come up with an initial suggested treatment plan.

Christian/spiritual counselling is also available on request. Otherwise, all approaches are secular, though questions and concerns about meaning and the spiritual dimension of life are never “out of line”.

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Acuity Counselling and Psychotherapy