Ravens E-Sports

Ravens Oce is the first fully female owned and operated eSports Organisation.

Founded and operated by ZS Sonia

RavensOCE comprised of Sonia (ZS Sonia), Lily (b0nni3), Natarsha (NatarshaAU), Connie, Yuka (Siiryn), Chloe (Mimi) and Chantel (Le’ Chan) manifested into the very first female founded and operated eSports org worldwide. The group of AUS/NZ girls started off as a development team put together by Captain ZS Sonia in September 2016, with its challenges and rewards the current core today was formed, and took its place in the first Women’s Invitational on Peanut Gallery TV (PGTV). After an honorable drop (16-12) in the semi finals Ravens claimed their spot as one of the top teams in the scene, and showed much potential for a bright future in Esports. The team is working hard in CGA and the WPGI to one day compete in CGP with the common goal of success and passion in Counter Strike- Global Offensive fussing them into their fierce force. Despite being from different corners of Oceania and coming from all walks of life the team likes to think of themselves as an odd family that somehow manages to become functional when it’s crucial. RavensOCE is a family indeed which the all female CS:GO team is at the heart of and always will be despite possible ventures into other teams and games in the future as the brand grows under the guidance of Owner Sonia, and the continued support from the community.

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April 2017

Ravens E-Sports

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