About Deb Carroll

With many years, experience in Service Industries and tertiary training in Education and Health Sciences, Deb came to Pilates and Movement Therapy for rehabilitation from injury, as many do. Her initial training and increasing interest in the rehabilitation process led to a natural progression into Somatic Movement as a therapeutic tool. Listening, feeling and observing the body, raising awareness and making the most of A-bility

When you Believe you Can, you Will and Do.

Deb applies up to date education principles and movement research into each program for the best outcome for each client. All Programs, individual and group, pay close attention to injury prevention and management.

With over 20 years of personal Pilates practice and teaching, practice in allied modalities and valuable experience in managing chronic illness and injury, Deb offers a diverse approach to the delivery of rehabilitation, blending Pilates and Somatic Therapies to provide a wholistic yet focused approach to injury rehabilitation, injury prevention and general conditioning.

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Scullin & Belconnen, ACT

Deb Carroll